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of the same beast — einer der hinter einen anderen
auf dasselbe their reitet.
19 9 أَتِى على  he made the whole circuit of — er
machte die ganze Runde
حَظِيِرة (ابِلِ) الصَّدَقة the enclosure for the beasts
that were obtained from the poor-tax cf.18  7 —
die Umzäunung für die durch die Armen-Steuer
gelieferten Thiere cf.  18 7
10  السَّمُوم the hot wind — der heisse Wind
اذا — Siehe!
ازاٌر the waist-wrapper; رِدَاءٌ  the outer garment covering
the upper half of the body — Rock,
Bekleidung des Unterkörpers; رِدَاءٌ  das āussere
Gewand den oberen Theil des Körpers bedeckend
11  لفَّ he wrapped his ridā around his head
لفَّ على رأسُ رداءً   لفَّ رأسه برداءٍ 4 — er
wickelte seinen ridā um seinem Kopf
16  حَرْى enclosure — Einzāunung
قام على رأسه he stood by him (because the other
sits on the ground, so that he "stand over his

Selection from the Annals of Tabari. ed., with brief notes and a selected glossary, by. M. J. de Goeje. Leiden. Late E.J. Brill. 1902.
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