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some one — jemanden auffordern gegen einen zu
3016    الفَىْءُthe revenue of the common possessions of
the Muslims obtained by conquest — das Einkommen
von dem durch Eroberung gewonnenen
gemeinsamen Besitz der Mohammedaner
  أَشْكَلَto be dubious — zweifelhaft sein
  شيَّعهhe went forth with him to bid him farewell —
er begleitete ihn zum Abschied
2    شضعَْرٌpl.   hair (he forbids them to maltreat
their subjects be pulling out their hairs) — Haar
(er verbot ihnen ihre Unterthanen durch Ausrupfen
der Haare zu mishandeln)
3    أَقام بهم الصَّلاةَ=    صلَّى بهمhe led them in prayers,
i.e. acted as their imām in prayers — vorbeten
i.e. als Imām das Gebet leiten
4    سلَّطهto give him nastery — ihm Macht geben
5    اذلَّهhe humiliated him — er erniedrigte ihn
  جمَّرهمhe detained them on the frontier and kept
them from returning to their families — er hielt

Selection from the Annals of Tabari. ed., with brief notes and a selected glossary, by. M. J. de Goeje. Leiden. Late E.J. Brill. 1902.
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