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3أ 1 صِرْمٌ  a group tents — eine Zeltengruppe
2  جَهْدٌ distress — Noth
مَيْتة carrion — Aas
شوى to roast — braten
3  رِمَّةُ العِظامِ old and decayed bones — alte vermoderte Knochen
سحق to bruise — zerstossen
سفّ VIII to put some dry flour in one's mouth
and eat it — trockenes Mehl in den Mund nehmen
und essen
5  ابعرةِ camel — Kameel
6  الى to visit repeatedly — wiederholt besuchen
10  سوط I to stir the boiling mess with a stick
(مِسْوَط) — das siedende Gericht mit einem Stock
أَرْيعَُ له — coocking it better — es besser kochend
أَحْري أَنْ making it more probable, — wahrscheinlicher machen
تقرَّ د to curdle — gerinnen

Selection from the Annals of Tabari. ed., with brief notes and a selected glossary, by. M. J. de Goeje. Leiden. Late E.J. Brill. 1902.
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