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39 1خُصُوم     خَصْمlitigants — Litiganten
3  المضؤونة the burden — Last
4  ضرائر fellow-wifes — Nebenbuhlerinnen
فى with — mit, für
5  لُجَّة البحر the ocean — das hohe Meer
6  لَنْ يُعْجزَهم it would not be difficult for them —
es würde ihnen nicht schwer fallen
7  جنِفَ he deviated from the right course — er
wich vom rechten Pfade ab
7 — 8  ما عليك لو why not? — warum nicht?
8  تعوَّج to deviate — ablenken
انكل giving better warning — bessere Warnung gebend
9 — 10   لا ينَام الّا على الرِّضَىُ his mind is not at rest
till he has got his heart's desire — er hat
beine Ruhe bis sein Wunsch erfillt ist
10  تناَل to deal with — sich einlassen, verkehren
13 ؟؟؟؟؟ friendliness, goodness — Fren(??)dlichkeit,
17 ؟؟؟؟؟ the (??) are mutually

Selection from the Annals of Tabari. ed., with brief notes and a selected glossary, by. M. J. de Goeje. Leiden. Late E.J. Brill. 1902.
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