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مِشْمِش and  خَوْخ the Arabian names —  بَُرقُْوق
(Abrikose) and  فِرْسك (Pfirsich) sind Fremdwörter,
مِشْمِش und  خَوْخ die arabischen Namen.
13 , 19 دُونَ   قَصَبتها  not in the town itself — nicht in der
Stadt selbst.
1أ, 4  الخُضَر, pl. of  خُضْرَة, vegetables — Gemüse.
8  مُشَعَّرٌ lined with hair — mit Haar gefüttert.
9  رَفيع =مُرْتَفٌع precious — fein.
مُصْمَتٌ cloth of one, unmixed colour — einfarbiger Stoff.
بُرْدٌ, pl.  بُرُودٌ a striped garment — gestreifter Stoff.
10  بَقَراَن and  سَعْوان districts in Yaman — Landschaften
in Yaman.
12  مْزمار pl.  مَزاميرُ flute — Flöte.
13 حزمة pl. حزم bundle — Bündel.
محل pl. محال lodge — Zimmer.
15  رَحَبَةٌ, court — Hof.
وُجُوُهُ الناس the principal citizens — die hervorragendsten Bürger.
16 Staif ibn dhī Yazan became king of Yaman after the
fall of the Abessinian dynasty in the second Ḥalf

Selections from Arabic geographical literature. Edited with notes by. M. J. de Goeje. Leiden. Late E.J. Brill. 1907.
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